In the autumn of 2015 I moved to Mallorca island, Spain, to run a new project that allows more room for my gardening interests. 

I currently live in Palma and move frequently between the Balearics, England and Italy due to the need to take part in meetings, to hold talks, and to assist at conferences and shows, etc. 

My principle activities and professional purposes are as follows.

Consultancy & Assistance to gardeners, nurseries and garden designers in:

  • Choosing the most suitable plants for a specific site and a client's needs (i.e. finding the right plants to put in particular soil, exposure, water/maintenance availability, etc.).
  • Analysing the specific conditions and applying the most suitable horticultural techniques to improve/correct/solve a plant's health or aesthetic outcome (mulching, irrigation, plant nutrition, pruning, etc.).
  • Recognition of and protection from plant diseases.
  • Finding the best suppliers of plants and furniture/decoration.
  • Restyling or rearranging of borders, vegetables gardens, orchards, gardens, yards, etc.

I am also pleased to be able to put into practice my skills, such as:

  • Planning and supervising the ordinary maintenance of gardens/estates.
  • Practical assistance to garden designers in projects managing, realisation, etc. 
  • Executing the skilled jobs as above, such as pruning (both ornamentals and fruits), planting, irrigation, propagation, management of soil, plant feeding and protection. 

I can also execute any ordinary and extra-ordinary task with a professional and skilled approach, as should happen in any high quality context, whether garden, patio, any outdoor space or estates.

Iris variegata & Sparaxis tricolor 'Alba Maxima'


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