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I begun cultivating plants when I was a child. I used to spend many afternoons with my grandmother, while she was gardening with simple flowers and from which I began to appreciate the deep sense of joy and completion that I feel when growing plants. 

I always try to enlarge my collections and test new plants, but there are many plants which I no longer grow for various reasons (whether practical, aesthetic or performance related). The effect of this is that such plant selections never end, and this way my collections also become live themselves, and in constant mutation.

I am focusing on rare and unusual geophytes for the mediterranean climate, especially on Oncocyclus irises (a group of species from the Middle East) and the hybrids between these and other bearded irises (formerly called Arilbreds). 

I am also setting up my breeding lines, and hope to be able in the near future to share with other enthusiasts my selections and new hybrids of Arilbred irises and many other plants.

Update 16th June 2016


This is the start-up of a new business project I wanted to add to my professional activities in colaboration with some good plantsman friends. 

All our bulbs are cultivated in Southern Italy, mostly in open fields without special equipment or any artificial support to their natural growth. We only propagate cultivated plants, and take care with correct labelling, plant health and the best quality overall. We want to give you the opportunity to obtain special plants which we ourselves obtained for the first time with much effort, and we are offering plants which are uncommon in the trade, some of them being quite difficult to find elsewhere.

Considering that we have an amateur arrangement, each year we can offer limited quantities. This is an artisanal business, and all the plants are propagated and grown with passion, to be passed from real plant lovers to others.

The Plant Availability List will be active until the 31th July 

Please join my mailing list or send me a message at the contact page to receive the Plant List.

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